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Lieu stands in a grass maze holding a pot of flowers in front of his face.

Who is Lieu?


Hello! I started this blog to educate people and highlight my lived experience. Originally on Tik Tok, I wanted a platform that allowed me to construct my thoughts in a much longer form. I am autistic and have c-PTSD, DID, and ADHD. My mental health history gives me a unique perspective of the world that allows me to help a wide range of people. 

Everything on this blog is my perspective, made up of a sum of my experiences. I cannot speak for others and encourage everyone to diversify the creators they follow. I can provide one perspective, but I cannot speak for every autistic person, DID system, or trans person.

My long-term goals are to become a trauma therapist focusing on autistic and other neurodivergent trauma. Cognitive therapies are not currently designed around the autistic neurotype, and I hope I can aid in creating a cognitive therapy form that is most effective for autistic folks. 

I used to be an RBT and had an eye-opening experience after a series of unethical practices that tortured autistic children. I felt advocacy needed to be done and have enlightened practitioners about pitfalls and unethical practices common in Applied Behavioral Analysis. I am currently studying autistic adults and their experiences with ABA.

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