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Mental Health Resources

Life of Lieu – Mental Health Advocacy Through Lived Experience

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How Do I Know if I’m Experiencing Burnout?

I’m burned out. Between the constant grind of school and work, moving, and the current state of my country, I am completely drained. I am not alone. In 2021, 79% of U.S. employees reported experiencing work-related stress. Nearly 3 in 5 reported being negatively affected by work, including lack of energy, motivation, and cognitive fatigue.…

I Don’t Want to Cope: A List of Therapy Tricks Without the BS

This post contains affiliate marketing links. CW: Brief descriptions of childhood trauma. I sat in my therapist’s office at 16, soft spa music lilting in the background. Breathe in, 2…3…4…, Breathe out, 2…3…4… I followed her directions, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I had been assaulted a year prior, my parents were…

Catatonia – More Than Just Freezing

My heart races as I freeze, my whole body flexed in an uncomfortable position. I cannot move or speak, and I am stuck staring ahead. This feels like sleep paralysis, but I’m awake? It feels like I should be able to move. I command my legs and arms to move, but nothing happens. My brain…

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